Who? Fran Guy Occupation? British female voiceover.

She records commercials, on hold messages, web audio, in-store announcements, TV and radio trails and promos from her home studio every day. Station imaging credits include Kerrang! radio, the Orion Group network and BBC Radio 1.

Home studio?
With its digital editing facilities, ISDN capability and a rather funky microphone, Fran sessions can be delivered by MP3, WAV, FTP or live ISDN.

Any Good?
She has high profile clients and gets lots of repeat business. Kerrang! won multiple industry awards for its station sound, including Sony Gold.

What does she sound like?
Sexy, sincere, monotone moody cool, warm and friendly, corporate, chipper girl next door, characters & accents – she is a versatile voiceover.

Check out the demo page and find out!

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